Engineer weapons
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All weapons in this category, with the exception of the firing points, use the player`s repair skill to calculate the chance to hit, and also, if the character does not have the "Combat Engineer" perk, the damage dealt with this weapon is reduced twice.
When using firing points in the non-deployed state, the appropriate skill is used: Small Guns for the AS-50, Big Guns for the GAU-17 and Energy Weapon for the M-41. In the deployed state, if the character has a Perk "Combat Engineer", these weapons will use the repair skill to fire, or they will continue to use the skills of non-deployed positions if there is no perk.
For all engineering weapons, with the exception of Fire Points, perk "BRoF" is not working.1

List of Engineer weapons


A building tool that can be used as a weapon. The low penetrating power is compensated by ease of use. As ammunition, conventional nails are used, which are abundant in the garbage.

Combat Nailgun

It was left only the principle of work and ammo from the construction tool. A full-fledged combat weapon, capable of penetrating even Kevlar. Sometimes.

Frag shotgun

Heavy shotgun, firing three cartridges at a time, thereby creating a powerful explosive wave. The main advantage of this weapon is its rejection effect. The main drawback is a huge kickback.


Handicraft disposable grenade launcher. It is based on the prototype of the American disposable anti-tank grenade launcher M72 LAW. In fact - a simple hollow tube with a reactive charge inside. The design is very unreliable. Use at your own risk.

Gas-laser cutter

Manual unit of induced radiation. Used for cutting metal and hard rocks. "Warning: Do not let workers fall into the beam!"

Manual unit RAD-X50

The prototype of the weapon was created by one mad scientist from the NCR. Trying to cure the effects of the mutation, he created a manual unit of directional irradiation. Damage from the RAD-X50 is most difficult to cure. In case of contact, it causes a colossal radiation and electro-chemical burn. The massiveness of the weapon allows you to load no more than three charges.

Heavy sniper rifle AS50-M223

The prototype of the pre-war sniper rifle AS50, converted to a cartridge of .223 caliber. Despite the lighter cartridge, the kickback didn`t decrease at all. For accurate shooting, the weapon is placed on the bipod.

Heavy sniper rifle AS50-M223

The prototype of the pre-war sniper rifle AS50, converted to a cartridge of .223 caliber. The weapon is mounted on bipods, which greatly simplifies the handling of it and allows to aim at great distances.

Stationary minigun GAU-17

Stationary weapon of pre-war times. The huge minigun GAU-17, as a rule, was installed on ground and air equipment. Nevertheless, an experienced engineer can install this weapon almost at any place.

Stationary minigun GAU-17

Heavy minigun GAU-17. Due to the fastenings it allows to conduct a long and very dense fire, suppressing the nervous.

Pulse Rifle М-41AE2

Prototype of the pulse rifle M-41AE2. Extremely heavy weapon, designed for use with the experimental motorized armor MK3. In addition, you can deploy the weapon and use it as a stationary one.

Pulse rifle М-41AE2

Prototype of the M-41AE2 pulse rifle in the deployed state. Due to the fixation, it requires less force to use and allows you to made an aimed fire over long distances.

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