Big Guns
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Here is a brief description of the class.

List of big guns


This relatively light machinegun was valued by soldiers all over the world for its high rate of fire. Weapons that proved its reliability on the battlefield was installed on cars and used for fire support at the unit level.


This support weapon has a "bullpup" design. Therefore, it is quite difficult to use it from the prone position, which was the reason for the return it to the National Guard troops. However, this weapon has earned a reputation as reliable and very effective for its size.


The top of sniper weaponry. Although this weapon may be too complicated and often sticks, if not kept in perfect purity, its accuracy compensates these additional requirements for the care of weapons.


The personal minigun CZ53 Rockwell. Multi-barreled machine gun, firing 5-mm cartridges at a speed of more than 60,000 rounds per minute.

Avenger minigun

Rockwell developed the "Avenger" as a replacement for the outdated CZ53. Among the innovations - stabilized, cooled and chrome channels of the barrel. It increases the range and power of the weapon.

Minigan "Vindicator"

The German company "Rheinmetal AG" developed a perfect minigun. "Vindicator" produces more than 90,000 shots per minute from its six coal-plastic barrels. This is the perfect weapon - the peak of Teutonic engineering.


Flamethrower model Torch-450. It shoots with short jets of incredibly hot, burning liquid. A special fuel is necessary for functioning.

Improved flamethrower

Flamethrower Torch-450. Shoots a stream of burning liquid. It needs fuel for work. Improved model - uses more "hot" fuel.


Rockwell`s grenade launcher "Superbazooka." Equipped with a smart three-pound trigger. Shoots armor-piercing or explosive missiles.

Duo rocket launcher

The simple mechanism at the base of the grenade launcher allows to produce 2 shots alternately without reloading one by one.

Stoner PLP 2200

The machine gun "Scorpion" produces a line of 6 rounds, each bullet going through the barrel of the gun is charged with an overheat plasma, capable to melt even the armor of the tank. All, that can not be done by plasma, will be finished by a bullet caliber 12.7 mm.

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