Traits (18th session)
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Trait — Optional character modifications in the SPECIAL character system, that affect the player character.

Traits list



Fast Metabolism

You receive +30 to Healing Rate.
+15 superstimpack Healing bonus.
Radiation and Poison resistances from perks, items and drugs are halved.
Poison dot effects are ticking twice as fast.
Superstimpack drawback is two times faster and more powerful.


+3 to Strength.
Note: Strength can't be lower than 4.
+25 to Melee Damage.
-1 to AP.

Small Frame

+1 to Agility.
Note: Agility can't be lower than 2.
+5% to Evasion.
Each unit of Strength gives less to Carry Weight.

One Handed

+60% to Skill when using one-handed weapons.
+7 to damage for one-handed weapons.
Ignore Strength requirements for one-handed weapons.
-40% to Skill when using two-handed weapons.


+15% minimum and maximum damage.
+1 AP to unaimed shot cost.


+1 to Agility.
Note: Agility can't be lower than 2.
Each 10 seconds you regenerate 1 AP.
Note: AP regeneration stacks with AP regeneration from perk Bonus Moves.
If you're not in combat, your 1st attack costs 2 AP less.
Immunity to Suppression.
Note: Immunity to Suppression does not work on Suppression received from critical hit.
AC from base Agility is 1.


+20 to Healing Rate
+10 Damage for one-handed melee weapons and throwing knives.
When wearing "Combat Leather Jacket" you reveice +10% to Evasion and -30 to critical hit roll against you.
When wearing "Combat Leather Jacket", attacks with one-handed melee weapons or throwing knives and no active timer on a pickpocket cooldown, you throw your target to a knockdown and get a 30 second pickpocket cooldown.
Note: Knockdown = (Current AP-6 AP). With perk "Quick Recovery"" = (Current AP-3 AP).
You can enter Thief Brotherhood.
Accuracy all weapons except one-handed melee weapons and throwing knives gets divided by 2.
You can't hit critically.
You can't take perk Silent running.

Fast Shot

-1 AP to attacks cost for Small Guns, Big Guns, Energy Weapons, Throwing and Engineering weapons.
Note: Engineering weapons use Repair as a combat skill.
You can't use aim attacks.
Your critical Damage is always 1x.


You leave combat mode upon player kill.
You receive 6 AP per player kill, 3 AP per NPC kill.
More violent death animations for your victims.
Note: Armor of your victims will break more due to more violent death animations.
Both your's and enemy's armor deteriorates twice as fast upon taking damage and upon death.
Your weapon deteriorates twice as fast.
More violent death animations for you too.
Note: Your armor will break more due to more violent death animations.


When opponents miss you the chance of the miss to be upgraded to a critical miss is 50%.
Your misses will also get upgradet to a critical miss with a 50% chance.

Good Natured

+15% to First Aid, +25% to Doctor, Trade, +35% to Speech.
-20% to damage from bursts and fire.
Aggressive humans NPCs on encounters are neutral to you.
Note: NPCs neutral behavior does not work on Enclave patrols. They are aggressive anyway and will attack you.
-15% to Small Guns, Big Guns, Energy Weapons, -10% to Unarmed, Melee Weapons, Throwing.
You can't take following perks: Bonus Ranged Damage, Deceitful, Shotgun Fan, Pyromaniac, Living Anatomy and Bonus HtH Damage.
Master perks associated with damage types have no bonuses.
Note: Master perks associated to damage types: Master of Normal, Master of Laser, Master of Fire, Master of Plasma and Master of Electro.


Drug duration is increased by 3 times.
Drawback is 30 seconds.
Twice the chance to become addicted.
Addiction last longer.


+1 to Perception.
Note: Perception can't be lower than 2.
+25% to accuracy.
Note: Bonus to accuracy stack with attacks from smoke and on characters in smoke.
Note: Accuracy can't go over 95%.
You can't critically miss.
You can't critically hit.

Liquid Body

-10 to total damage against you.
+50 to Carry weight.
-20 to First Aid healing.
-20 to super stimpak healing.


+2 to Endurance, Charisma, Intelliegence and Agility.
Note: Endurance, Charisma, Intelliegence and Agility can't be lower than 3.
Anticrit is 60%.
Note: Antincrit does not stack with Stonewall perk.
+15% to Critical Chance.
You receive perk each 4 levels, not each 3.
You can't take any Uberperk.: Silent Running, Terminator, Sniper and Expendable.


+2 to AP.
+20% to Throwing.
30% chance to recover 1 AP when you reload.
Note: Chance to recover AP when reloading does stack with the perk Quick Pockets.
-3 to Skill points for each level.
Note: Skill points for each level = (5+(Intelligence*2)).
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