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Another category of parameters:

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List of characteristics

Описание категории.



Healthpoints (HP) - this is a gameplay mechanic to measure the health of a character. In a fight, the character who received damage will lose HP. When achieving a new level, the character will get a higher amount of maximal HP. If the healthpoints of a character go under -20 HP, he dies. (Between 0 and -20 the character will be motionless on the ground). It is important to say, that the amount of HP is an important parameter of the character, which he should track very carefully throughout the game. The amount of HP can be recovered to the maximum using various medications, for example stimpaks, as well with characteristics - in this case the Healing Rate and the First Aid skill. An amount of HP can also be recovered by paying a doctor (both this methods also heal crippled limbs). Initial amount of maximal HP is 30+ST+EN*2.
Indication: More than 50% of the maximal HP - white, from 25% to 50% maximal HP - yellow, less than 25% maximal HP - red.
The maximum amount of HP gets increased by gaining new levels: formula getting specified. This formula operates till the 28th level, after that you get 1 HP every level till level 60.


Armor Class

Armor Class (AC) — the indicator of how easy it is to hit the given character in combat. The higher is is, the harder it is to be hit. Armor Class will get higher, when wearing armor.
When creatint a character Armor Class will be equal to the Agility, if the trait Kamikaze is not taken, which lowers the Armor Class to zero. As a result, Armor class can be changed by equiping armor and with perks.
It also affects the time to get out of combat. The following formula is: 55 - Armor Class, but never lower than 15 seconds.


Action points

Action points (AP) — is being used when firing, working with the inventory, different kind of actions in combat and moving in combat. Each action has its own «cost» and can only be done, if enough AP are left. To know the «cost» of using an item, move it to the active slot. When creating a character the base AP equals 5+floor(AG/2) (floor means round down).
AP are restored to the current maximum if the character is idle for 7 seconds, regardless of the maximum amount of AP.


Carry Weigth

Carry Weight is defined by the Strength of a character, as well as different perks, drugs, items etc. When having more Carry Weight than the maximum, the character will be «Overload»ed - he won't be able to run and pick up more items.
While in "Stealth" the character has a malus depending on the taken carry weight.


Melee damage

At the initial generation of the character, additional damage is equal Strength - 5, but can`t be less than one. Quantitatively, the effect of this characteristic is reflected in the increase in the upper limit of damage for HtH and melee weapons (which can be seen in the inventory, taking appropriate weapons in hand), the lower limit of damage does not changes, so in fact average damage is only increases by 0.5 for each point of additional damage.


Resistance to damage

Every received damage is lowered according to this value.


Resistance to poison

Resistance to poison - on this percentage the damage of poison is lowered, that went into your organic system. For example, when the resistance is equal to 20%, from 10 damage from poison, only 8 will hit you. Usually, the poison acts bit by bit: When the character receives all 8 damage from the poison, the effect of the poison will stop. The more poison your body has, the sooner it will take effect. When creating the character the initial resistance is calculated by this formula: EN*5.


Resistance to radiation

Resistance to radioation - on this percentage the dosis of Radiation is lowered, that got into your organic system. To increase the resistance temporarily you can use «Rad-X». Some types of armor even defend you from radiation. This characteristic doesn't influence the speed of getting cured from radiation. When creating the character the initial resistance is calculated by this formula: EN*2.



For TURN-BASED mode: The sequence - determines the order of the actions in the battle. As a rule, the first who makes a move is the one who started the fight. The rest enter into battle in order of decreasing magnitude of the sequence. Note: a high sequence doesn`t mean that the character will have time to descend several times before other creatures come to their senses! The more opponents participate in combat, the more important this characteristic is. When a new character enters the battle, the order of his turn is also based on the sequence.

For REAL-TIME and TB mods: The sequence affects the exit time to the Sneak mode. The timeout for sneak is determined by the formula: 34-sequence, but can not be less than 3 seconds. When the character is generated, the initial value of this indicator is calculated using the formula: PEx2.


Healing Rate

Healing Rate - determines how many points of health your character will heal without stimpacks. Healing takes place outside the combat every 20 seconds (with the Fast metabolism trait - 10 seconds). Ability Regeneration allows you to heal during a fight.
When a sufficiently large dose of radiation is received, the Healing Rate of the character may drop to zero.
When the character is generated, the initial value of this indicator is calculated by the formula: EN\3 with rounding down, the minimum value is 1. Example: HR = 40 means you will regenerate 40HP every 20 sec outside the combat. HR = 120 with Regeneration perk means that you`ll regenerate 99HP every 10 sec in combat.


Critical Chance

Chance to critically hit. Initial base value is the percentage, which is equal to your luck. Don`t forget about "Terminator" and "Stone wall" perks of your opponent. Same as "Skilled" trait they will not allow you to make a critical hit or strongly decrease chance of it.

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