Unique item
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The event can be started from Liz if the player has Intelligence> 4, Trade> 100. This is necessary to run the event and then purchase the item itself. Approximately once in 2 real days, asking Liz about a special product, in the radio (chat) appears a message in red color that a day later she will have a unique item costing worth 150k of coins. A top item is considered to be a random item, which is bought for coins through dialogue (but this can be both chemical and detail for the Gatling laser with a probability of 20%, 80% it will be the top detail).
From that moment, exactly in a real hour, you can buy this item from Liz for 150k. If an hour and 15 minutes passed, the item is gone.
Earlier it can`t be bought too.

The launch depends on the average server online.

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