Outpost raid
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For the raid, Abandoned Outposts are used.
To activate the raid, a computer is used at the outpost. If the raid is not on recharge, then it can be started.
When starting the raid, a message is sent to the radio's 0-channel, without indicating the outpost on which it was launched.
The outpost is attacking by the NPC with random equipment. NPCs are strong, loot is mainly weapons (both with sights and modified) and craft details, at each NPC.
On the last, the fifth wave comes the boss who can have the top detail in the inventory.
Between the waves, the break time is 5 minutes.
You can call the raid when the server is online at least 50.
Raid's recharge is a total, four hours.
If you run one raid, you can`t run the second one.

There are specified NPCs at each outpost, they are strong (Enclave> mutants> bandits)
The number of NPCs depends on the alive players on the location.

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