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Approximately once a week on the radio 0 there is a message about the appearance of black spacesuits on Mariposa. This means respawn of all dungeon maps.
The maximum reward is Vertibird. Also in the boxes can be found RAS and other useful things.
The vertibird is at the last level of the military base in its most recent location and it needs to be repaired. You also need to find the key on the second floor of the military base. Spare parts for the vertibird can be found in the dungeon containers, but some of them may be rare enough, so do not rely on luck, it's better to loot everything out of the boxes. There is also a possibility that when cleaning the last maps of the base, the first floors are already respawned, and bringing the necessary items from the base will be problematic enough. From some melee NPCs (like the Old Hell), it's only possible to run away while the rest of group were killing them. There are places with installed invisible turrets, which can also be a very unpleasant surprise. Cleaning the dungeon is worth a group of at least 5-7 people, you need skills of lockpick, repair, chemical protection suit and a lot of time.
After repair, the vertibird works about 2 weeks and disappears, which makes it possible to pass this amazing dungeon again and again.

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