Holding a base
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Hold the Sierra base.
To start holding the base you need to get to the 4th floor and use the terminal at the end of the corridor. If the terminal does not respond, it means CD, currently about 6 hours.
The difference between the Enclave and the Brotherhood is minimal.
After the beginning of the holding, waves of fanatics come armed with light (knockback) and energy weapons. Waves come with a frequency of ~ 5min. After the last, 5th wave of fanatics, NPCs-machine guards, armed with a variety of weapons, arrive. After that, after a short time comes a car, the trunk of which can only be opened by the character who has started the holding of this base. It's impossible to lockpick the trunk. Together with the machine come NPC - sneakers, which loot the installed plastids (if any) and attack the players. There are only 4 of them, it's quite easy to kill them, but it is not necessary since the loot in the trunk of the car spawns at the moment of appearance the car on the base. It follows that at the time of the appearance of the machine on the base there should be a maximum number of alive players (for the arrival of the top detail at least 6 alive players, no matter what faction, even enemies who decided to prevent the holding are considered) and all previous NPCs needs to be killed (otherwise strong penalty for loot). Complementarily comes several hundred kilograms of all kinds of loot - smoke grenades, drugs, armors, weapons, etc.
Bases can be started if the global rating is greater than 7.
If the characters are less than three, the profit from the base will be doubtful.

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