Global events: Delegation
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Once a game day, at 6 am, hubologists send a delegation to one of the wasteland cities (this can be a city under protection, Arroyo, one of the bases: the Sierra or the Cathedral).

Hubologists have their own items, the profitability of which depends on online. It can be armors, guns a small amount of city money / coins and even implants.

Armors and guns can be modified. And the unique modification of the weapons can only be obtained here.
Unique weapon (modification) - Ignore smoke and + 10% damage.

There is a message on a radio to which city the delegation arrived, in 10 real minutes the delegation will arrive there, which will be reported again on the radio. In 20 min after depart delegation will leave the city. The delegation can move around the location, from place to place.

In case of the murder of hubologists, they can be looted, provided that the corpse has not disappeared (replication is 3 minutes).

Each hubologist has his unique feature. It can be more HP or enhanced protection to a certain resist.
Their HP depends on the current player`s online.

You can trade with delegation (only coins accepted), or you can "simply" kill and loot.

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