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An infection is a global event that changes the nature of the game for the next 10 hours.
Areas of infection:
Klamath, Den, Modoc, Vault City, New Reno, Broken Hills, NCR, San Francisco, Dryfield, Vault-15.
Quarantine zones:
Klamath, Den, Modoc, Vault City, New Reno, Broken Hills, NCR, San Francisco, Dryfield, Vault-15, Sierra, Cathedral, Mariposa, Navarro.
Safe areas:
Gecko, Arroyo, Westwood, Broc`s and Zander`s Church, Replicas, Hotels, Private bases, Inner City of the NCR, something else.

When the event starts:
The first infection will occur in the range of 3 to 15 real days. To the first one refers the first after the wipe or the first after the introduction of the update.
The second and subsequent will occur in the interval of 10 - 20 days.

What is the event like:
Once in half an hour, a random location from the "Areas of infection" list becomes infected. At this location, on its main map, the zombies come and begin to make a genocide here. Also, every half an hour the infection grows: it becomes more difficult to resist, the zombie limit on the maps grows, etc. At some point the infection will reach a critical level - absolutely everything from the "Areas of infection" list will be infected.
After the critical level infection continues to grow until a precollapse, which is in half an hour turns into a collapse and the event ends. Of course, the players will take some time to eliminate the consequences of the collapse.

The nature of the infection.
First, regarding infection, remember - an infected person resists the disease twice badly as a healthy one.
If an infected player or NPC dies on a location that is not in the "Quarantine Zones" list, a new zombie appears from their corpse. Except for death on the world map, of course.
For the players, the infection has stages of infection. With the higher level, the player will receive poisoning commensurate with its stage. At a high level, the infection can lead to sudden unpleasant consequences. There are some ways to get rid of an infection or improve your condition, but they need to be found. Infection does not affect the characteristics of the character.
If the player is outside the Quarantine Zone or the Safe Zone, he can be infected (or worsen his condition).
At the chance of infection by airborne droplet affects two parameters: Endurance of the character and Global strength of infection. The stronger the infection spread across the wasteland, the more difficult the player will resist the disease. Being on a global map refers to this type of infection.
Contact infection occurs through the attacks of the zombies, the player can resist it with the help of AC (Armor Class).
In both cases, the M.O.P.P. suits (Chemical Resist Suits) (and power armor) gives immunity to infection.
Being in the Quarantine Zone or in the Safe Zone does not lead to a sudden progression of the infection or infection by air. Ye, if you are infected and are sitting in the city - the infection will progress only from zombie attacks. This applies to all maps of the location, not just the one on which the zombies are.
Deterioration of the state and infection of the player on the global map only increase the poisoning level, but the damage from poison itself will work when a player enters the map. Be aware.

NPCs or Players killed by ghouls at any location from the Areas of infection, spawn new ghouls. The total number of zombies for a single map has limits.
Death in a safe zone does not breed ghouls.
Death in the quarantine zone, but on a map where there are no dead bodies - will spawn them there and lead to infection of this map.
Attacks of these zombies also transmit the infection. NPCs are infected 100%, but only those that are living humanoids or dogs (centaurs, flyers, geckos, robots, etc. are not affected by the effects of infection). Players can resist infection.
The zombies are divided into humanoid, which walk slowly, and zombie dogs that can run (and run very fast).
Attacks of any ghouls are poisonous. The M.O.P.P. suits and all kinds of PA give immunity to poisoning.

The very first event after the update or wipe will come in the interval of 3 to 15 days. All subsequent events will apperar within a period of 10 to 20 days.

At the time of the event starts, a message from Eliza will be sent to the 0-channel of the radio. Next, every half hour Eliza will repeat her message and say how much the infection has already spread. If the player comes up to Eliza during the event, he can take the quest to shoot the zombies. The counter of murders of ghouls will begin to grow only after taking this quest. Accumulated murders can then be exchanged with the same Eliza for cookies. The more you hit, the better the loot. After receiving the award, the counter is reset.
Eliza has another quest, which is global for all players for the duration of the event. This quest can be performed by anyone while the event is in progress, but only one group of players can complete it in one event. The size of the group, however, is not limited in any way. This quest will lead the players to a secret location that exists only for the duration of the event, but it is one and common for everyone, so other players who are at the same stage of quest, can both prevent you and join. Those who did not succeed or could not complete the quest in the current event will continue it at the next one from the same point (the location will change its coordinates, but will be visible again).
The completion of this quest will greatly affect the final of the event. Also, the quest gives a reputation in the NCR. In the quest, you need to think. Sometimes - think quickly. And yes, read the dialogues, no matter how disgusting it is.

Before we continue, we look at these three lists:

From the infection completely eliminated Klamath, Vault City, Sierra, Cathedral, Mariposa - in order to release the server.
- In the middle of the infection, not only zombies can come to the cities. Listening to the radio.
- The killing of zombies is now charged to everyone in the group with the killing player. Similarly to group lvlup, only with the new condition - you also need to be in combat mode.

The procedure of shooting was unchanged, but some corrections were made: the group receives only 1 point in the support of the NCR, and killed the zombie - 5. Naturally, the threshold values ​​for the reward increased (250 \ 500 \ 750).

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