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Caravans (by Ripost)
There are several caravans in the game that can be escorted or robbed (if they are driven by the player). Some caravans are tied to a certain city, for example in the cities NCR and BH you can enroll in a caravan at the entrance to the city. There are wandering caravans, for example Liz or Lee, who travel through the cities and recruit caravans in them. In any case, to escort the caravan, you need to be registered by the appropriate NPC and be at the exact time indicated by them to start the caravan. Death or attack of the leader of the caravan at the location, just like the attack of caravaners leads to the impossibility of further escorting the caravan by the player. According to unverified information, you can try to "reconcile" with the caravan - heal the attacked NPC, catch up with the caravan in the next location and talk with the caravaner, if the caravan is accompanied by several players. After successful escort of the caravan to the specified location, you can trade with a caravan - in its inventory can spawn quite a few rare things - for example, the city money, LBV88 Vest, rare resources. Usually, on the way such caravans are lurked by more dangerous enemies - for example, for top caravans, patrol Enclaves with powerful weapons and sufficiently tenacious can be spawned. Also, for the successful accompaniment of the caravan, experience and money are given, which can be obtained from the NPC, whose name is indicated in the chat after a successful arrival in the destination city.
Latest fixes:
- Fixed an empty inventory of the caravaner at the encounters when escorting the caravan. Now each caravaner, when dispatched, receives randomly one of two weapons fixed for each type of caravan.
- Fixed hang of the caravan on the global map without the possibility of restarting. The maximum accompaniment time is 100 minutes. In case the caravan does not reach the destination in 100 minutes, it will restart from start point. It is necessary to prevent potential hangings of caravans.
- When launching the caravan, if in 20 seconds it did not appear on the WM - the caravan will be restarted.
- Fixed non-vanishing "mercenaries" in the cities.
- Can be only one caravan cart in the city, not more.
- Probably, it is corrected, and consequently, the chance of appearance of an additional enemy on the encs with the caravan is increased.
- In the behavior of the caravaner, retreat from the attacker is added, if the distance is less than 20 hexes.
- Caravan guards accept any type of ammunition suitable for their weapons
- Caravan guards take stimpacks if they have less than 6 left (there were 3).
- Loyalty is transferred to local variables for players, which will allow the caravan attitude to the player to be kept between restarting and in case of restart.
- The loyalty of the caravan and the current status of escorts are displayed in the quests tab in Pip-Boy.
At this stage, most of the bugs of the caravan are fixed. Known bugs are situational and uncritical.
Hitting the guard doesn`t reduce the score.
The death of a brahmin doesn`t reduce the score.

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