Capture of the city
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One of seven cities: Klamath, Den, Modoc, Gecko, Redding, Broken Hills, San Francisco; where there is a sheriff, you can capture (or recapture if it is already captured).

Capture start

You need at least 5 players (or 6 if the city is recaptured, means controlled by another faction) more than 25 levels from one faction (allied ones are also taken into account) and not in the sneak mode. You need to speak to the sheriff and through the dialogue, need to open all the doors, and use the terminal. The capture procedure begins. The city on the world map changes color to red. The capture procedure continues 10 minutes. If the players left the city or died - the procedure is interrupted. If the city is captured, an appropriate message comes up. Players at the time of capture must be within a radius of 70 hexes from the city chest (safe).


In the safe, the salary comes, for which at the sheriff it is possible to get ammunition, or to buy a local buff City drugs.


The salary is calculated every 60 minutes.
The salary has two parameters. The first is stable - 1000 (the minimum amount per hour), the second number is the amount of time that players spent in the city during this period. Calculated in seconds, which the players conducted at the location. For example, if there were three players in the city for that hour (1-15 seconds, 2-100s, 3-200 seconds) with a total time of 315 seconds (15 + 100 + 200), then 315/10 + 1000 = 1031 coins are added to the sum. The total time can`t be more than 45,000. minimum per hour will be added to 1000 money, and a maximum of 5500, if there was a serious activity in the city.
There is 3 times less money for holding the Klamath.

There is an opportunity to hire as a security guard in the city from the sheriff for a city money. You can only hire in one city (while hired in one, there is no possibility of engaging in another). Salary is not charged for sneakers if run away or on another map. On the hired guard is announced on the zero channel, but without the name of the guard and the city. Salary is 5 seconds /1 coin of the city.


Also, at the time of charging the salary, a check is made for the presence of city guards. If the players of the faction are not in the location, the towncontrol of the city may fall with a probability of 8%. If there is at least one player in the faction at the time of the payroll, the retention continues.

​​Perk Protector

While the city is held by the faction, each representative of the faction receives in this city the Protector Perk, which gives + 4% to all resists.
Access to the management of the doors is only for the members of the faction level 1+ (access to the fighter and above). The faction's allies have access to intelligence information (number of sneakers, etc.).

A currency trader (sheriff).

If you keep the city, then you can find out the amount of money in the safe, open/close doors/safe, buy ammunition, find out how many characters were seen in the sneak mode and how many characters in the vicinity (on the world map and 1 square near).
Most needed merchant's goods: coins (10k), drugs (including top drugs), blue and black CA with resists, modified weapons. Master trader perk affects prices (25% discount). You can buy things for any city money, but the money of this particular city will be valued twice high as the rest.

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