Global events: Big hunt
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When a message appears in the specified city, a small group of NPCs (bandits) appears, which is aggressively tuned to the players in sight.
Big hunt doesn`t appear in protected/captured cities (blue/red color on the world map), cities with permanent security (Westwood, Arroyo, etc.), military bases.
Bandits have increased resistances, HP, shoot often and do good damage, have some reserve of superstimulators (restore HP at the beginning of the fight). To meet them alone to inexperienced players is highly undesirable.
In some cases, bandits can attack local NPCs at locations, at their discretion.
After the murder of the bandit, you can loot it, the disappearance of the corpse - about 3 minutes.
In the corpses of bandits, you can find half-top ammo, armors, weapons, drugs and other useful things.
The big hunt ends after ~ 15min after the start of the event or after the killing of all the bandits. In both cases, a message appears on the radio 0 about its end.

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